Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn – Strengthen Families Through Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness practices boost self-management and self-awareness skills, which are essential social-emotional development skills. Social-emotional skills are also a component of the five protective factors that strengthen families. Yoga has evolved to become a worldwide practice for calming the mind and body, as well as self-regulating. Self-regulating is crucial in healing and preventing trauma. Yoga integrates activities such as relaxation, meditation, physical postures, mindfulness activities, and breath awareness. Various research done on the field shows that yoga reduces blood pressure, autonomic sympathetic activation, and muscle retention. It also increases the quality of life and reduces negative emotional and physical symptoms. Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn works to strengthen adults and children by developing resilience, promoting awareness of child development, and increasing children’s social and emotional competence. Ideally, Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn will increase these capacities and skills in adults and children before neglect occurs. Strategies used in Bloom Yoga are of a therapeutic nature and promote recovery and healing when needed.

A rising number of parents, caregivers, and professionals are realizing that kids’ breath awareness, mindfulness exercises, and yoga are crucial for mental health and well-being. Studies show that kids who practice yoga are better equipped to handle stress, calm themselves, and manage emotions. Research also shows that focused, collected, and calm children are happier, have better social skills, and learn more effectively. Developing a yoga culture in the family positively impacts family resilience and functioning, attachment and nurturing, emotional and social development, coping skills, awareness, and self-regulation. Yoga provides a natural environment that teaches children and adults how to interact in a healthy, positive manner, and how to respond in stressful circumstances.

When adults are well regulated, they have a better chance of bringing up well-regulated kids. Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn provides adults and children with instruments such as mindfulness and yoga through which they can learn how to manage stress and feelings. These yoga practices are essential for adults, caregivers, and parents. Also, Bloom Yoga can help professionals by helping them manage their regulation and stress relief.

The Fair Lawn Yoga establishment offers various levels of children and adults’ Hatha yoga lessons. Hatha yoga classes focus on breathing while moving the body through certain poses, leading to spiritual, physical, and mental well being. There are many benefits to yoga, such as augmented body strength, a strong sense of balance, better breathing, stress alleviation, better flexibility, and enhanced posture.

Bloom Yoga was started by Fair Lawn High School graduate (2000), Evelyn Brigandi. At the time, Evelyn Brigandi had been practicing yoga for a decade and was searching for something to do with her 1 year old child, Lucy. That is when she came up with the idea of creating Bloom Yoga. For Evelyn Brigandi, yoga provides an unparalleled opportunity to bond with your child. Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn offers lessons for both parents and their kids. The lessons consist of beginner and advanced levels, and also include combined bonding experiences designed for parents and their kids. Evelyn Brigandi believes that yoga is a great way to show children how to release stress, think positively, retain more information, and boost their confidence. Evelyn Brigandi also believes that yoga is not for the chosen few with remarkable flexibility or pretzel bending skills. Virtually anybody can practice yoga, and you do not need to have remarkable flexibility.