Happy Hips Workshop!
w/Cat Sposa
Saturday, March 31st from 11:30-1:00 pm
$30 advance sign up required
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Are your hips feeling tight and a little sad? Like most people, we have jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing, and our hips tend to suffer the most. With the ups and down of everyday life, stress is stored in our hips as well, causing even more tightness and discomfort. In this rejuvenating workshop, we will explore poses that welcome happiness and compassion to our hip joints and hip flexors. Poses will be broken down so you have a better fundamental understanding of the pose, which will further your practice in the studio and at home. Join Cat Sposa for a Saturday afternoon treat and work on getting those hips happy!  All levels are welcome.

Meditation & Energy Balancing

w/Danielle Franco
Returns Spring 2018!

Meditation tunes us into our true SELF, the core essence within all of us that is peace, joy, gratitude and ease.  The physical world in which we live today and the experiences that we go through in life can sometimes make us feel out of touch with that core essence.  Meditation sharpens our mental focus and allows us to begin to see things from a broader lens so that we are not consumed by unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions.  A wise teacher said, “PAIN is inevitable, SUFFERING is optional.”  A steady meditation practice will allow you to reign in the mind to access your true power and flow more gracefully with life.

This series will combine simple, effective meditation techniques combined with self-healing, and stress management tools.  Pranayama, various Kundalini practices and yogic techniques will be incorporated.  This series is open to those who are new to meditation and interested in learning to start a practice as well as more seasoned practitioners who want to deepen their practice in a safe, supportive environment

Sessions will begin with gentle light stretches to open the body and breathing practices to soothe and calm the nervous system.  We will then move into our mindfulness meditation techniques and end with a restorative resting posture.  Discussion and questions are always welcome.  Seated postures will be demonstrated, using props, such as blankets and blocks, so your body is in the most comfortable position with a lengthened spine.  If sitting on the floor presents an issue, please let us know and we can arrange for a chair to be used.

Science has now proved what the ancient spiritual masters have known forever…that the positive effects of meditation are truly endless.

Here are just a FEW of the VAST benefits:
-stress reduction (stress leads to illness)
-cardiovascular & immune health
-improved concentration
-emotional well-being
-elevated mood
-more longevity
-lessens inflammation in the body

Restorative Yoga & Reiki Workshop
w/Dana DiGiacomo & Danielle Franco
Returns Spring 2018!

Come melt away stress and tension in an afternoon of pure relaxation and renewal.

Join certified Reiki and Yoga Instructors, Dana DiGiacomo and Danielle Franco for two hours of bliss as they assist your body and mind in clearing and releasing stagnant energy that no longer serves you as you create space for fresh new energy to fill your body and life.

Together, Dana and Danielle will instruct you through various gentle, restorative yoga postures and cleansing breathing practices as they perform energy healing reiki on each individual student.  Restorative yoga helps lower cortisol levels, the nasty stress hormone, that is the root of all discomfort and disease.  Reiki is performed to align your body and mind with optimal wellbeing through a light touch of healing energy that is channeled to you through you.  You will be supported with blocks, blankets and bolsters for a most enjoyable experience.

This workshop is perfect for all levels of practitioners: those who are new and seeking to dip their toes in the healing benefits of yoga and reiki in a gentle, supportive environment as well as those more advanced practitioners seeking balance in their practice and life.