Bloom Yoga Class Descriptions

Bloom Yoga lessons are taught by professional yoga instructors who use the Vinyasa flow mode of teaching by integrating meditation, movement, and breath. The highly skilled instructors occasionally add their personal touch to the lessons making it a unique yoga experience. With various levels of children and adults, Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn is the ideal place for your kid’s next birthday party.

Below, we will examine the class description of Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn, and what you can expect to find in both adults and children’s yoga classes.

Yoga Classes for Adults

Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn features two adult classes: Beginner and Mixed Levels. Based on your previous yoga experience, you can pick from either of these two choices. The adult beginner class is designed for people who have little to no previous yoga experience. It is a slow-paced Vinyasa flow class that offers introductory yoga, emphasizing meditation, breath (pranayama), and poses (asanas). At the Adult Beginner Level, the instructors move at a slow pace and focus on proper movement and alignment. The Adult Mixed Level is a bit different from the Adult Beginner Level. It is designed for people who have some experience in practicing yoga. The Adult Mixed Level integrates all the aspects of the Adult Beginner Level but has a more robust and quicker pace. The poses in the Adult Mixed Level are a bit more challenging than those in the Adult Beginner Level, but the highly skilled Bloom Yoga instructors can offer personalized variations depending on your preferences.

Yoga Classes for Children

Not only is yoga great for adults, but it is also essential for children. Adults use yoga for both stress management and exercise, two things that kids also need. With social obligations, academic responsibilities, and more, kids need a safe refuge where they can relax. Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn offers children fun classes that help improve their discipline, well-being, memory, concentration, and composure. Moreover, Bloom Yoga classes for children teaches kids to solve conflicts more easily and be more present at the moment. The classes incorporate age-appropriate poses which help boost concentration, focus, attention as well as strengthening the body.

Not many yoga studios in New Jersey offer kids classes as unique as those offered by Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn. Bloom yoga provides everything from children’s birthday parties to mom and me yoga lessons. The kids’ yoga classes are designed to promote creativity among the kids and allow them to explore their soul and body while enjoying themselves. Bloom yoga instructors teach kids yoga through interactive games, storytelling, music, and art. The yoga classes for kids usually run for about 45 to 55 minutes and are and can accommodate up to ten kids. Teeny Yogini’s kid-friendly classes of 3 to 5 year olds teach breathing techniques and poses in a safe, supportive, and playful environment. Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn also offers tween classes that integrate physical postures and breathing. Bloom Yoga classes for kids allow you to bond with your child while keeping your body strong and healthy.